Speak of the 2nd

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—  Authentic Chinese Plates  —

Winter Menu 2018/19

Second Floor


Small Plates

—  Spicy Lamb Cuts and Goji Wine  —
lamb tenderloin, house spice, anise, with a 1 oz pour with goji wine

—  Seafood Hot and Sour Soup    —
shrimp, blue crab, mushroom, tofu, green onion, sesame oil + black pepper   

  Large Plates  

—  Salt and Pepper Prawns  —
prawns prepared in a dry style with salt and pepper

—  Black Pepper Halibut  —
halibut prepared in a sautee black pepper, savory ginger and onion sauce

—  Spiced Beef Tenderloin and Red Onion  —
red onions with a beef tenderloin sauteed with a dark velvet brown sauce

—  Bok Choy Hearts —
sweet bok choy hearts with a white garlic sauce

—  Honey Pork Ribs —
marinated pork ribs rolled in a honey sauce

—  Scallop Asparagus —
scallop, shrimp, asparagus, and red pepper and garlic sauce with a light spice