Speak of the 2nd

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—  Authentic Chinese Plates  —

Spring Menu 2019

Second Floor


Small Plates

—  Duck Cucumber and He Mi Jiu  —
sliced duck, fresh cut cucumber, cabbage, carrots, green onion and minced ginger with a 1 oz pour with hei mi jiu wine

—  Seafood Hot and Sour Soup    —
shrimp, blue crab, mushroom, tofu, green onion, sesame oil + black pepper   

  Large Plates  

—  Shrimp + Garlic  —
shrimp sauteed with artichoke in a minced garlic sauce, artichoke, red pepper, with a savory spice

—  Black Pepper Halibut  —
halibut prepared in a sautee black pepper, savory ginger and onion sauce

—  Beef Tenderloin and Chinese Broccoli  —
chinese broccoli with a beef tenderloin sauteed with a dark velvet brown sauce

—  Wok Fry Green Beans —
light spice, ginger and dried vegetables in a dry style

—  “Maosi” Pork Belly —
pork belly, bok choy, red beans, bok choy, green onion tails, ginger in a brown sauce