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—  Authentic Chinese Plates  —

The second floor serves a formal menu that strongly recommends reservations as chef serves only 4 tables per evening

and does not serve dumplings or noodles on the second floor.

Fall Menu 2019

Second Floor


Small Plates

—  Duck Stirfry and Hei Mi Jiu  —
roasted and marinated shredded duck with red, green pepper, carrots with 1oz hei mi jiu

—  Seafood Hot and Sour Soup  —
shrimp and blue crab, mushroom, tofu in a Shanghainese house style

  Large Plates  

—  Shrimp + Sweet Pea —
shrimp sauteed with sweet peas in a minced white garlic sauce

—  Flounder with Plum Wine  —
flounder in a savory plum wine sauce

—  Beef Tenderloin and Cauliflower  —
beef tenderloin sauteed with fresh cauliflower in a hongsao broth

—  Shanghai Ma Po Tofu —
sliced tofu in a slight red spice and 5 spice stylized sauce

—  Wok Fry Green Beans —
light spice, ginger and dried vegetables in a dry style